introduction to wardrobe styling

PMA is a makeup school with a highly trained faculty is dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing and relaxed learning environment which honors the diversity and unique gifts each student possesses.


With this course you will become a MAC Pro Student which includes discounts on products and continued education classes with MAC Cosmetics.

Interested in learning more about what a career wardrobe/fashion stylist really's your chance to find out.  With this introductory course you will have a full day to demo your course which includes a wardrobe profession overview, demo, and tons of questions and answers.  This class is for anyone wanting to learn about what it takes to have a career as a wardrobe stylist and how to be successful.


This is our satisfaction guarantee to you.  


This is a mandatory course for our main programs at PMA.  If enrolled and decide that you no longer want to become a wardrobe stylist then you will leave only paying for this one day class.  

Here's a quick summary of SOME of the specifics you will learn in this class:

  • Wardrobe Styling Opportunities

  • Setting goals for you career

  • Body Analysis

  • Genres

  • Properly setup a professional

       wardrobe station

  • Understand proper set etiquette as well

       as handling themselves in all professional


  • Understand how to do a  wardrobe consultation


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This class is $310